Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyer in Toronto

 How to File Long Term Disability Insurance Claims
What we earn from working is important to us in many ways.  Those earnings pay for our living costs.  Those costs cover everything from food, clothing, home (rent or mortgage), child related, etc..  We rely on our earnings to continue to meet or pay for those costs.
It is natural that we do what is needed to make sure those earnings continue uninterupted.  A disability insurance policy can be purchased to protect, or insure those earnings.
A disability can be caused by anything.  Included are an accident, illness, sickness, physical or mental health symptoms.
Policies can be purchased on behalf of a group of employees, by your employer, or individually, direct from an insurer.  Coverage can include Short Term Disability (STD), Long Term Disability (LTD) and/or Critical Illness Coverage.  The policies can be complicated to understand.  Tony Lafazanis can provide you a free evaluation of your policy and how it may apply to your disability.
The insurer may not always accept your claim for disability benefits.  Tony Lafazanis has represented clients with all types of disability claims.  He has the experience to settle your claim, often with a lump sum tax-free settlement.
Limitations may apply.  If a claim is not filed in Court within 2 years of the insurers initial denial of your claim,  your right to make that claim may be lost.  Do not delay.
Hiring Tony Lafazanis is risk free. There is no legal bill to pay, if there is no settlement. 

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